Kitchen Remodels for People Who Don’t Cook

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For many people, the kitchen is a place that comes alive with the smell of a home-cooked meal or freshly baked bread. For others, however, the reality is that the kitchen is second to take out, and it becomes an unused room. A kitchen remodel is still a great idea, even if you don’t spend much time cooking.

Repurposed Space

A kitchen doesn’t have to be just a place for the refrigerator and microwave. With a remodel, you have the opportunity to rethink your space and create a place you want to spend time. Turn a nook into a small office space or a cozy reading spot. Turn a sunny window into a place where you can grow beautiful indoor plants. Choose appliances that are convenient for your needs without overwhelming the room.


Having a kitchen island expands the cooking and entertaining area in the kitchen, but for non-cooks, the island can become a place to enjoy a glass of wine or have your morning coffee while you read the paper. With the right lighting in place, your island can become a functional, multipurpose part of the kitchen.

kitchen island

Build Your Passion

If you envision evenings at home curled up with a glass of wine, turn your kitchen space into a spot to showcase your wine collection. An island or reconfigured counter can become the new home of a climate-controlled wine cellar, keeping it close at hand and attractively displayed for your guests.

If there’s something else you’re passionate about, like reading, convert part of your kitchen space into an extension of your library and make a reading nook. You’ll end up with a space that fits your personality and personal style.

Build a Bar

One way to repurpose your kitchen is to make the space into a bar for cocktails or coffee. There are so many choices on the market for gourmet coffee makers; you’ll never want to go out for that fancy latte again.

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