Kitchen Cabinets that Last

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After spending money on a kitchen remodel, you want to make sure that your cabinets are going to last. It can be incredibly frustrating to find out that the cabinets that were supposed to be high quality aren’t.

To ensure that you’re getting good cabinets that will last, you may consider getting J&K cabinets. These are built of high-quality material and are incredibly sturdy and stylish. Some other things to look for in cabinets to ensure that they will last include the following.

Kitchen CountertopHow Are they Constructed?

Cabinets have to be put together in a certain way to ensure that they will last. This includes checking to see of the drawers have dovetail joinery or if they are stapled particleboard. If they are the latter, they are not going to last. They should also have a full-extension drawer guide (not an integrated rail), and the frames should be solid wood.

It’s not difficult to put together pieces of particleboard and cover it with a plywood panel. This will make it look like it’s well constructed, but it’s not. For cabinets that last, they should be constructed of solid wood and then stained or painted.

Are they Easy to Clean?

Having cabinets that last will mean that they have to withstand cleaning. Kitchens get messy, and food and grease can build up on a variety of surfaces. Even if they cabinets require a special cleaner, that’s fine, as long as they can be cleaned easily and the finish or paint won’t get scratched off in the process.

Is the Hardware Durable?

Opening and closing cabinet doors or drawers can wear on the hardware, including the hinges and the drawer guides. While nothing will last forever, the hardware should at least be able to stand up to daily use for several years and not break or wear out within the first couple years of ownership.

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