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If your kitchen remodel is a larger project, you’re probably investing in new cabinets as well. When you’re talking cabinets with designers and contractors, you may hear a lot of unfamiliar jargon. If you’re new to cabinets, here’s a guide to some of the terminology you need to know.

Door Parts

Designers and cabinet guides will sometimes describe cabinet doors using some distinctive terminology.

  • Rail – refers to the horizontal part of the door frame at the top and bottom of the door.
  • Stile – refers to the vertical parts of the door frame at the left and right edges.
  • Framing bead – refers to the decorative connection between the door frame and door face.
  • Framing edge – refers to the outer edges of the door, which are sometimes decorative.


Many doors have a frame as described above. However, there are some doors that do not have this feature and are aptly described as ‘frameless’.


Almost every cabinet has drawers that use slides. The drawer moves along these slides smoothly, and it’s important to use a quality product, as it has to put up with a lot of use.


All hinges are created equally, right? Well, that’s not really the case. Depending on the type of overlay and cabinet door style you have, you’ll need a different type of hinge.

  • Surface mount – A surface mount hinge is visible from the outside and is usually more decorative.
  • Inset hinge – The inset hinge is only partially visible from the outside. Part of the hinge is inset into the door.
  • Full inset – For doors that are fully inset into the cabinet frame, the hinge is partially exposed.

Hinge Anatomy

Believe it or not, even hinges have their own specific anatomy, but it’s not terribly complicated.

  • Frame wing – This is the part of the hinge that connects to the cabinet frame.
  • Door wing – The door wing, as the name suggests, connects to the door.
  • Knuckle and Pin – These two elements combined create the actual hinge.

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