Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips

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When you think about just how many things there are to store in a kitchen, it can feel out of hand quickly. Between dishes, cutting boards, and appliances that rarely see the light of day, there’s simply a lot of stuff that needs to be stored.

Why Organize?

In short, proper organization can help you see what food you have on hand and give you easier access to the things you need in the kitchen. With a thorough reorganization, you’ll know where everything lives, including that food processor you use twice a year. Not to mention, when you have guests over, they can find what they need easily.

Step One: De-clutter

Before you do anything else, go through all of your cabinets and get rid of anything you don’t need. That means old and expired foods and spices need to go away, and you need to come to terms with appliances and other accessories that you really don’t use anymore. That fondue pot? Donate it. The blender that only works sometimes? Get rid of it.

Step Two: Sort and Organize

It’s easier said than done. Everything that you took out of your cabinets needs to go back in. Place things you use regularly within easy reach. You don’t want to have to strain just to grab a plate. If you have kids, makes a space where snacks and dishes are easily accessible. And remember, it’s okay for some items to live on a countertop.

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Step Three: Cabinet Organizers

Use as many cabinet organizers as you need to keep things in their proper places. It can be particularly helpful to organize things by type of by purpose so that items are easy to locate. Remember, function is more important than what it looks like, so unless you’re showing your home for sale, it’s okay for things to look imperfect. Take advantage of the many organizational tools at your disposal, such as Lazy Susans and shelf racks.

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