Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Guide

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In a bathroom or kitchen, the hardware is usually the final detail. In a way, you can think of it like jewelry, in that they accentuate cabinets and drawers and provide a point of interest for the eye. Not only will you look at them every day, but you’ll also use them every day, so you’ll want to makes sure the hardware you choose is as functional as it is beautiful. We’ve put together a quick guide to cabinet hardware.


Before you fall in love with any particular hardware, make sure you have an accurate tally of how many knobs, pulls, and possibly hinges that you’ll need. If you have the type of cabinets where the hinges are exposed, you may want to replace them with something closer to your kitchen aesthetic. If it turns out you need 30 pieces of hardware, the costs can add up. But remember, cheaper hardware sometimes loses its finish and luster over time. Buy a few extras just in case.


The first question that comes up when we talk cabinet hardware is: knobs or pulls? If you want to be traditional, a knob is for a door, and a pull is for a drawer. However, the rules are starting to change, and some contemporary kitchens are mixing it up. In fact, on tall cabinet doors, vertical pulls create a lovely effect.

Array Cabinet Pull


When you’re thinking about the finish, consider what metals you have installed already in your sink, faucet, and appliances. Choose something similar or go with another type of finish that’s complementary. For example, stainless steel appliances and dark cabinetry pairs well with a satin nickel finish.


If you’re replacing old hardware, it’s possible that you may switch from knobs to pulls and vice versa. To cover up old holes, or to add more substance to your hardware, a backplate can be installed.

Niron Depot can help you with all of your needs for your kitchen remodel. If you’re in the Colorado area, contact us to visit our showroom to find the cabinet hardware that best meets your needs.