Kitchen Bar Ideas

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Let’s face it—love it or hate, we’ve got to have a kitchen. Even if you don’t cook that much, you still need someplace to keep your leftovers, and it’s helpful to have a space to eat. If you’re thinking about doing a kitchen remodel, you should consider installing a kitchen bar area for seating. It’s a great way to utilize your space for eating and entertaining.

Lighting That Pops

Every kitchen needs adequate lighting, and if you have a bar, you’ll need some focused lights that illuminate the immediate area. Pendant lights are great for this purpose, and what’s better is that this is an opportunity to introduce some color or texture to the room. A colorful pendant light can be the punch of color your kitchen needs.

Raised Seating

It will feel a little more comfortable and natural to have a bar that sits a little higher. Typically a “bar height” is between 40 and 42 inches. Alternatively, if you want a more unusual breakfast bar, you could opt for an unconventional lower bar height.


If you have more of a modern aesthetic, you may like the feel of combining light and dark colors with metallics like bronze or copper. Create a pseudo-industrial look by applying metals to the countertop, and find barstools that have metallic components.

Mix it Up

When you’re looking at showrooms, think about making your own combinations. For example, a marble countertop looks classic and elegant, and if you pair it with some funky vintage barstools, you’ll get a whole new look. Talk to a design expert about the possibility of using a combination of materials, like wood and metals.

Waterfall Edging

If you’re considering investing in a marble or granite countertop, you may want to consider the dramatic waterfall effect for the bar area. The countertop extends across the bar and drops down the side all the way to the floor. The result makes a big, bold statement.

Denver metro residents should contact Niron Depot to visit the showroom. You can meet with one of our design experts to build the kitchen bar that would best fit your space.