Kitchen Areas That Need to Be Cleaned Daily

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It is hard to find any other area in your home filled with bacteria as your kitchen. From raw meats to dairy products, and everything else you cook with, these food items can cause a perfect storm of germs and harmful bacteria.

Since your kitchen is also where you prepare and serve the things you eat, it is important that you keep everything as clean as possible. Out of all the kitchen areas that you should regularly be cleaning, these are the three spots that you should be cleaning every day.


If you were to go into your bathroom and flush the toilet, the inside of it would now be cleaner than your kitchen sink. That might be a horrifying revelation but unfortunately, it is true. There is such a large buildup of E. coli and other bacteria in the average sink that it surpasses levels of the average toilet.

Luckily, cleaning your kitchen sink is incredibly easy. All it takes is a regular disinfectant or even just a vinegar-based cleaner to wipe the germs away. Then give it a thorough rinsing with hot water and you should be good.

Kitchen RemodelingCabinets and Fridge

The germs in these areas are often far less serious but they still get food and drinks frequently spilled on them. When this happens, one of the worst things that you can do is let the germs sit there and fester on your Colorado home’s kitchen cabinets.

Instead, take a minute or two to give the outside of the cabinets and fridge a nice, thorough wipe-down every day.

Counter and Stovetop

No matter who you are, it is guaranteed that you will make messes when cooking. Whether on the countertops, stove, or both, you need to make sure that you clean up every day. Otherwise, the spills will dry out and become multiple times harder to remove.

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