Items You Should Never Store in Your Bathroom

 In Bathroom

Chances are that your bathroom is filled with all kinds of toiletries and other items. However, you might be putting some of these items at risk by keeping them in the bathroom. Here are the top items you should never store in your bathroom.


The bathroom might seem like an obvious place to keep medicine since it is usually taken first thing in the morning and often requires to be taken with some water. Since the bathroom is usually the first place that you go in the morning and there is water right there, it only makes sense that you would want to keep your medicines here. However, if you examine the labels for most medicine and vitamin bottles, you will notice that it says to keep them stored in a location that is cool and dry.

Bathrooms are often one of the hottest and dampest locations in the entire house. So instead of keeping your precious medicine in the bathroom, you should think of a more appropriate place to keep them before the moisture starts to affect it.

what not to store in your bathroomRazor Blades

This is another item that seems like a no-brainer for being a bathroom item. While you should definitely be using your razors in the bathroom, you might want to think twice before storing them there.

That is because the moisture in the bathroom can begin to affect the blades after a while just like it does with flooring and actually cause the blades to become dull and develop rust even before ever being used.

At the very least, install some cabinets in the bathroom of your New Mexico home and keep the spare razor blades in there.

Reading Materials

Many people enjoy reading while in the bathroom. However, keeping your books or magazines in the bathroom even when you are not using them only causes them to absorb the moisture and damage the pages. You should start bringing in the reading materials with you when you take a bath and take them back out of the bathroom once you are done.

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