The Importance of Lighting In Your Bathroom

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For a lot of people out there, the purpose of doing a renovation is getting some sort of ROI when it comes to the changes you make and the money you need to put in. When it comes to a bathroom remodel in Colorado, one of the best ROIs you can get comes by changing up the lighting. Not only does proper lighting make you look better in the mirror, it can also create the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom, among several other benefits. Here are some of the best ways to invest in lighting.

Does Lighting Really Matter?

 Lighting In Your BathroomFor one thing, when it comes to lighting your bathroom, don’t be afraid to start by using the free lighting all around you to help. Natural lighting can be a great supplement for what you are currently doing, so you want to make sure your window treatments make room for natural light to come in. Even better, if you are in full control of where your new bathroom is going to be, try to have it face north in order to get a soft-diffused look.

Another thing worth mentioning is choosing the right bulbs. Many experts favor 2700K LED due to the resemblance to natural light. Overhead fixtures may be better served on a dimmer, though, so you can adjust it as needed.

Who Can Help You With Bathroom Lighting

With so much at stake, it makes sense that you want only the finest remodeling contractors working on your bathroom lighting. Contact Niron Depot for all of your kitchen and bath remodeling needs. As far as remodeling contractors in the Denver area go, we’ve been serving the community for years, and always believe in giving the best service possible. Not only will we help you find the perfect elements for your home,  but have the expertise to make you feel at ease when planning a home project, no matter how big or small.