How to Make Your Kitchen Cozy

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When you do a kitchen remodel, you may go the stainless steel route, complete with modern angles and simplistic lines. However, many people like the idea of a cozy, warm house that makes people feel at home, no matter if you’re family or not. Here are ideas to make your Colorado kitchen warm and cozy.


Warm colors will give the feeling of comfort. Yellows are particularly sunny, but creams and whites work as well. Think about simply changing the paint colors, or update your cabinets to something with a warm wood tone.


There are many different ways you can incorporate natural looking wood products into your home. Wood can give a rustic feel, which will ultimately make your kitchen more comfortable. You can bring in wood beams for the island or use hardwood floors to add texture from the wood grain and a more natural looking kitchen.


A honed finish gives a more rustic appeal, and soapstone, and even marble can create the feeling of a vintage, rustic kitchen. The honed finish is not smooth and shiny but rather textured with a matte finish. The effect creates a warmer, cozier effect.

Window Treatments

If you have the excellent fortune of having a window or two in your kitchen, you’ll want to put on the finishing touch by adding window treatments. Choose something with a lacy texture for a delicate, airy look, or go with a color that complements the backsplash or wall paint, or even the cabinets.


The mood is really set by the lighting. You should have multiple forms of lighting, which will either light the whole room or light up specific areas for you to work on certain things, also known as task lighting. Use warmer light bulbs—you can find these at many stores.

Finishing Touches

You can do a few different things to make your kitchen cozier, such as adding an open plate rack.

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