How to Care for Your Onyx Countertop

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Onyx Countertop Caring Tips

When it comes to countertops, granite and marble seem to get all of the attention. There are many different countertop materials to choose from, including natural materials and manufactured materials. If your kitchen remodel includes a new choice for your countertop, you may want to go with something more unconventional—onyx. Onyx, like granite and marble, needs regular care and attention to keep it looking new.

Seal It

Onyx is only somewhat similar to granite in that they both need to be sealed. There are still contractors unfamiliar with onyx, so it’s important to know that not all sealers are the same. Onyx needs a special sealer and needs to be resealed every one to three years. The lighter the stone, the more likely it is to stain, meaning it needs to be sealed more frequently.


Onyx is made of calcium. Why does that matter? Calcium is vulnerable to acids. Avoid contact with anything acidic, including wine. In fact, it’s best practice to be in the habit of cleaning your counter as soon as you see a spill. Other common acids include lemon juice, vinegar, coffee, juice, and tomatoes.

In general, you should avoid using any acidic cleaners or glass cleaners. Homemade cleaners may also be too acidic, and don’t use abrasive sponges on the countertop—use a microfiber cloth instead. Your countertop supplier should be able to recommend the best cleaner for your countertop, but be on the lookout for ones with a neutral pH.

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As we alluded to earlier, spills should be cleared away immediately. Onyx, while beautiful, is also porous, meaning that it can absorb liquids and stain easily. Again, lighter colored onyx can stain more quickly than the darker colors. Sealants can help delay staining, but when spills are left unattended, you still run the risk of staining.

If you take care of your onyx countertop, it will retain its translucent luster for many years. Colorado residents interested in remodeling your kitchen or bath should contact Niron Depot. You can speak to one of our design experts and take a look at the showroom.