How to Care for Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors add a beautiful, elegant, and warm feeling to your home and, with proper care, will last for decades. You can keep your Colorado home looking as good as it did when the remodel was finished with these care and cleaning tips for hardwood floors.

Regular Care

Sweep or use a dry microfiber mop daily to remove pet hair, debris, and dust. Every week, or more often if necessary, vacuum the floor using the bare floor setting—avoid using the beater bar and power rotary brush head.

Waxed Floors

Wax-coated floors should avoid prolonged contact with water and should be dried and buffed to bring back the shine. Wax needs to be reapplied once or twice a year, but apply wax only half as often to places with less foot traffic.

Polyurethane Finish

Some hardwood floors are finished with a surface of polyurethane. Wipe away small spills with a damp cloth or use a glass cleaner on tougher stains.

Preventative Measures

If you have pets, try to keep their nails trimmed to prevent scratches. It’s also good practice to keep a mat by the door to help limit the debris that your pet might bring in. Use a humidifier in the dry winter months to help reduce wood shrinkage—keep humidity levels between 40–60%.

Excessive heat and sunlight can custom kitchen islandscause damage and fading—use protective window coverings to prevent prolonged exposure to the elements. As an added protection against scratches, place felt stoppers on furniture legs; they will, however, wear out over time so check them periodically.

What to Avoid

Avoid using cleaners meant for vinyl or ceramic tile floors; also, you should also skip self-polishing acrylic waxes, as they can cause floors to lose their shine while simultaneously becoming slippery.

Regarding footwear, try to avoid walking on wood floors in athletic cleats and damaged high heels—even a small person walking in damaged heels can put enough pressure on a floor to dent it.

Remodeling for Longevity

Niron Depot has dozens of hardwood flooring options for your kitchen remodel and beyond. Contact us, and our experts can take you through the Design Centers to help you find the perfect floor for any room in your home.