Guide to Range Hoods

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If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodel, you may be replacing or installing a range hood. The hood is instrumental in making sure that heat and moisture has someplace else to go, creating a more tolerable cooking atmosphere. Choosing a range hood goes beyond what it looks like—there are a few factors involved in the decision.


To find the right size for your hood, you’ll need to know the size of the range or cooktop. The hood should be at least as wide as the cooktop, with up to three inches more space. The power is a separate measurement from the size, but the more powerful the hood, the louder it will be.


You have several different options for how air is processed through your hood. A vented hood has an exhaust that connects to outside, making it easier to remove irritants from the air. Alternatively, you could also have a recirculating system. The hood draws air through a charcoal filter, which then needs to be changed periodically.

Hood Styles

There are many different variations in hood styles. Some have slightly different functions than others, but some differences are partially a matter of personal aesthetics.

  • Undercabinet Hood – As the name suggests, the undercabinet hood mounts underneath the cabinet. This can be vented or not.
  • Island Hoods – If you have an island, this style of hood hangs directly from the ceiling.
  • Wall Mount Hoods – As opposed to an undercabinet hood, a wall mounted hood is fixed to the wall. It is available in a wide variety of materials and styles.


Some ducted hoods will have an aluminum filter that will need to be cleaned regularly. Depending on how often you cook and the extent to which you cook greasy foods, you may need to clean the filter monthly. If you have a charcoal filter for a recirculating hood, you’ll need to replace it every three months (on average).

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