3 Great Materials for Your Bathroom Floor

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Although many homeowners in the Denver Metro area are knowledgeable about kitchen remodeling, not as many know much about bathroom remodeling. Many homeowners have to call in professional designers to get opinions about their bathroom, especially with it comes to the floor. Thankfully, by doing a little bit of research, any homeowner can transform their bland bathroom floor into a topic of conversation throughout the neighborhood.

Material 1 – Porcelain/Ceramic TilesBathroom Floor

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a great choice for practically any bathroom. They provide a clean, calming aesthetic that is needed in bathrooms. Porcelain and ceramic tiles have a number of other benefits including water resistance and cost effectiveness. Add in a long lifespan and it is easy to see why so many homeowners in the Denver Metro area have porcelain or ceramic tiles.  

Material 2 – Laminate Flooring

Although it may catch some people off guard, laminate flooring is becoming a popular choice for bathroom flooring. If the homeowner properly maintains the wood base, the laminate flooring can last as long as 30 years. This means that the homeowner can go multiple decades without having to deal with the flooring in their bathroom.

Material 3 – Natural Stone Materials

Many homeowners in the Denver Metro area are starting to turn to natural stone for their bathroom flooring. This is most likely because natural stone flooring has a number of other benefits that other flooring styles can’t offer. Some of these benefits include visual appeal and endurance. However, one of the most notable benefits is that many natural stone materials maintain a respectable resale value. This allows homeowners to get a large ROI when they eventually sell their home.

Although there are a number of options, all homeowners who are considering redoing their bathroom floors may want to look into porcelain/ceramic tiles, laminate flooring or natural stone materials. These amazing materials each provide a number of unique benefits ranging from visual appeal to a high resale value. Be sure to contact Niron Depot for all of your bathroom flooring and remodeling needs.