Fixtures Every Bathroom Needs

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If you’re planning on selling your Denver metro home, or you’re just really in need of a bathroom upgrade, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right fixtures for the room. When you or a guest needs something, it should be convenient to access, and the layout should be logical. Here are a few fixtures you can’t overlook.

Towel Bars

The purpose of the room is in the name—bath. A well-functioning bathroom has plenty of storage space for towels and a place to put them when you’re done (that’s not on the floor). Make sure you have enough—they can go on the door or under a shelf. This is a time to try an interesting finish or material. Try chrome for a classic look or wood for something more rustic.


You really can’t have too many mirrors in a bathroom. You’ll have the mirror above the sink, but you should also consider having a mirror that’s been wall mounted and can pull out. There are many different variations on this style of mirror, but a magnifying mirror would be the most functional, as it can help with focused tasks like shaving and applying makeup.


Much like the noble towel rack, the unassuming hooks can get overlooked. They are small and very convenient, and should be placed in logical locations near the shower and bath area, and possibly on the back of the door. Robe hooks are a particularly nice fixture to have. They come in singles and doubles and come in many different finishes to match your décor.


The faucet is going to get heavy use, so you should pick something that matches your aesthetics and feels good in the hand, which is why you should view faucets in person, not online. Faucets come in dozens of different styles and finishes with many different options for water flow.

SIR Single-Handle Vessel Faucet


A bathroom needs different light sources, including overhead and task lighting. Consider installing different types of light fixtures to add mid-level accent lights.

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