Elements of a Country Kitchen

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Design a Beautiful Country Kitchen

Living in Colorado means living in a beautiful part of the country, but it may not always mean you’re living in a pastoral wonderland. Part of a kitchen remodel means you get to redesign your kitchen however you want it, and if you want to have a touch of the country life, you can design a country kitchen. Here’s how you can get the look.


A cozy country kitchen will definitely have warm wood like cherry or pine. Often, you’ll find chairs and tables that have beautiful carvings. A vintage wood table would be right at home in the middle of the kitchen for dining or working. Use baskets for countertop storage to enhance the look.


Consider the aesthetics of your appliances. Chrome is particularly cold and out of place in a country kitchen. A classic white refrigerator paired with a white sink is the perfect choice. While we’re on the subject of sinks, if you can find an apron sink, it would be the proverbial icing on the cake. If you have a choice in color of a stand mixer, choose one to act as an accent point in the kitchen.


Every good kitchen has windows that need to be dressed and tables that need tablecloths. Country kitchens often have gingham or plaids for accent points. If you can find vintage catalogs, turn to them for inspiration.


The great part about a country kitchen is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to colors, but lighter colors make kitchens feel brighter and bigger. Blue and white is a popular color combination, as is yellow and white.


Use the same principles above when looking for accessories. Flea markets and antique shops can be the source of some great finds. Look for vintage chairs or a butcher’s block. For another touch of rural, use Mason jars for storing countertop items.

If you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, contact the design experts at Niron Depot. We can help you build the elements of a classic country kitchen that will make you feel like you’re living the farm life.