Dos and Don’ts of Bathroom Remodeling

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Remodeling a bathroom is a huge deal. It’s a major expense, and for some people, it’s the first place to make any changes to the house. You get the opportunity to put your own stamp on things and start turning the house into your own.

Do: Get Lots of Inspiration

Look at magazines, scour the Internet, and visit design showrooms to get inspiration and color combination ideas. The more you see, the more possibilities you can envision, helping you find the perfect style and tone for your bathroom. Look at colors, fixtures, storage solutions, and sinks, and countertops.

Don’t: Forget Your Budget

A bathroom remodel is a huge project, especially if you’re doing anything that involves pipework. Before you make any major plans, start calculating what things cost and account for an extra 10% for incidentals. Decide what you really need, what you really want, and what you can do without.

Do: Choose Neutral Colors for Major Expenses

Trends change, personal tastes change, and you may eventually sell your home. When it comes to big-ticket items in the bathroom, like the tile floor or the bathtub, choose neutral colors. It’s easier to make changes to paint colors and accent pieces than it is to change your floor whenever the mood suits you.

Don’t: Forget Storage Options

Nobody wants a bathroom where spare toilet paper rolls are stacked on the floor and towels are just scattered everywhere. When you’re planning your bathroom, make sure that you plan for where and how things are going to be stored.


Do: Splurge on the Vanity and the Shower

The vanity and the shower are two of the most important components in the bathroom, and you should give them the attention they deserve. Compare vanity types and find the right one for your bathroom, and do the same for showerheads. Both of these areas can become a focal point when you enter the room—make them beautiful!

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