3 Different Wood Options For Your New Kitchen Cabinets

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Picking out new cabinets for your kitchen and bath can be a time-consuming task. There is a long list of details that homeowners need to go over before committing to new cabinets. One of these important details is the material that will be used for the cabinets. Although they can be made out of a number of different materials, many homeowners in the state of New Mexico prefer wooden cabinets. This is possibly because wooden cabinets are a tried and true choice that look good in practically any home.custom kitchen

However, a homeowner can’t simply go to a store and ask for “wooden” cabinets; they need to be a little bit more specific. That’s why it is beneficial for homeowners to know some of the different types of wood that are used to make cabinets.

Wood 1 – Maple

Thanks to its strength and scratch resistance, maple is a very popular choice for cabinets in the state of New Mexico. Maple wood can come in a number of different colors, allowing it to mesh well with any home. The only downside to maple is that because it is so strong, it can be more expensive than some of the other options.

Wood 2 – Mahogany

Few types of wood can provide more warmth to a home than mahogany. This beautiful wood comes in rich tones and shades, giving an kitchen or bath a touch of luxury. Mahogany is also an very strong wood, making it practical as well as beautiful.

Wood 3 – Fabuwood

Although it may be a less conventional choice, fabuwood cabinets are becoming more and more popular in the New Mexico area. Like the other options on the list, fabuwood is extremely durable. However, fabuwood is a cost effective product, making it perfect for homeowners who are on a budget.

There are so many types of wood to choose from that many homeowners struggle to pick one. Contact Niron Depot if you are one of these homeowners. We are always happy to impart some our industry knowledge to our valued customers.