Designing a Kitchen Island: Part 1

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The kitchen is the soul of your home, so it’s essential to get everything you want out of your kitchen when you do your kitchen remodel. One of our favorite design elements of kitchens is an island, which can be a place to eat and relax, prep and cook dinner, or store cookbooks and other supplies. There’s no set formula for how to design an island, so we’ve put together a quick guide to factors to consider.

What Is The Island’s Main Function?

When you start planning your kitchen remodel, make a list of all of the things you love about your current kitchen and what you wish you had. Then, think about what you want on an island. Do you want it to hold appliances or kitchen tools? Do you envision your island being a place to entertain while working on dinner? Or is it a new focal point for the family, eating and doing homework in the kitchen?

Most islands have two sides: one for seating and eating, and the other for food prep, but there are many variations. Think about what takes priority regarding seating or cooking, and start calculating how much space you need. Appliances occupy more space than chairs, for example.

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Do You Need Appliances?

Consider what appliances you want for your island so you can plan accordingly, and know that not everything you want will be feasible. For example, if you want the main sink to be on the island, you may also want the dishwasher to be there as well. With that, it would also be convenient to have trash, recycling, and compost nearby. Do you have the space to accommodate all of that?

If you want a stovetop on your island, you may need to plan for a central vent or hood, which can be an unexpected expense. If your kitchen is particularly large, you may want to consider installing a small under-counter refrigerator. Again, this is a time to make a list, make priorities, and aim to get your top five features.

Contact Niron Depot when you’re remodeling your Colorado kitchen. We’ll have more tips for designing kitchen islands at our next post!