Design a Kitchen for Entertaining

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We all know kitchens see the most use in the house. From coffee first thing in the morning to that midnight snack attack, we always seem to be in the kitchen doing something. But the kitchen can do much more than just be a food station. It can actually become a place for entertaining. Here are a few ways you can change up your kitchen remodel to turn your kitchen into the perfect entertaining space.

Open the Space

A kitchen that’s made for entertaining offers a lot of space for guests to mill about, eat some snacks, and watch all of the kitchen action. Even if your actual kitchen is smaller, opening up the floor space by knocking out a wall can add the feeling of a much bigger space. Plus, if there’s an open area between the kitchen and where people are hanging out, it’s easier for everything to become a bigger party.

A Multifunctional Island

A kitchen has many purposes—food prep, eating, and serving food and drinks. An entertaining kitchen should have an island. Islands can be small and single purpose, but it’s better to have a kitchen island that’s meant to be multifunctional. Pull up a few bar stools for sitting and snacking or turn the countertop into a buffet space. Consider a two-level island so that half can be used as a bar and the other half as a prep area so you can cook and talk.

Build a Bar

If you have guests over frequently, consider installing a wet bar in your kitchen. Glassware and beverages can live in one convenient location, and you can even add your coffee accessories to the mix for a multipurpose space.

Add Something to Talk About

Everyone could use a good talking point, right? Put in an interesting backsplash or an unforgettable lighting fixture that will make a great conversation piece.

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