Decorating With Houseplants

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So the cabinets are in place, the appliances are installed, and the floor looks pristine. What’s the next step in your remodel? It’s time to fill your house with the things that make a home, like curtains, art, photographs, and books. One particularly flexible option for decorating is to place plants around the house strategically.

Benefits of Houseplants

Plants do a lot more than just look beautiful—they also provide a variety of health benefits. While humans breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants do the opposite, providing more oxygen in the air for us to breathe. In addition to added oxygen, plants help reduce indoor air pollutants.

Plants also release moisture into the air through the process of transpiration, which is a welcome addition in arid climates like Arizona.

Plant Types

Succulents are particularly hot right now and come in quirky shapes that can add extra visual appeal—plus, they require less water and attention than other species. For a different style, check out tropical indoor plants at your local garden center.

Empty Surfaces

Look for flat surfaces where you don’t have much to look at. Tables that see little use can become a centerpiece full of plants that will create a vibrant focal point for your room. Mantles, tables, countertops, and carts are all excellent places to find a little extra room for a plant or two.

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Color Coordinate

Most hearty houseplants aren’t picky about their container, provided there is adequate drainage. That being said, you can choose colorful or monochromatic pots that coordinate with the color scheme of the room. Pots can be used as accent pieces, or choose pots of the same color in different shapes and styles to provide texture.

Think Vertical

Hanging plants provide visual interest and can brighten an unused corner or window—they are also great for small spaces, saving you valuable floor space. Putting flowers on top of hard-to-reach shelves will help occupy empty space while giving the added illusion of height. Tall trees can also create a dynamic look, especially if you have tall ceilings.

Regional Experts

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