Countertop Material Options to Choose From

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Whether you’re working in the bathroom or considering a kitchen remodel in Colorado, chances are that countertops are going to be one of the first things you are thinking about. From budget to appearance to maintenance, here are some of the key pros and cons of some of the different options out there.

The Materials

Granite is considered the top of the line by many homeowners, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it countertopbeautiful to look at (adding value to your home in the process), but it’s also durable which is perfect for the rigors of a kitchen or busy bathroom. Granite can resist scratches, chips, staining, and water. However, the downside is that its weight means you need to invest in sturdy cabinet boxes, and granite is more costly to begin with. In addition, a lot of the time it requires yearly resealing to maintain that durability.

By comparison, Laminate is at the other end of the spectrum, being the most affordable option for countertops. In addition, it’s able to be flexed easily into other partial remodels due to the fact that it comes in a lot of colors. It’s also resistant to heat and scratches as well as it’s easy to clean. However, there are some drawbacks. Layers can peel off the particle board core over time, and if it does get damaged, it’s very difficult to repair.

The Installers

To get the aesthetics and benefits you want from your countertop, go to the best contractors you can find. Contact Niron Depot for all of your kitchen and bath remodeling needs. In terms of remodeling contractors in the Denver area, we’ve been serving the community for years and work hard to give the best service you can find.