Countertop Colors with White Cabinets

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Planning a kitchen remodel is a big undertaking, and there are many different directions you can go with it. Some may want a contemporary look, while others want the classic farmhouse kitchen. When you’re considering cabinets, white might be the way to go, partially because it goes so well with so many different styles. However, because there are so many options, it can be overwhelming where to start. Here’s a quick guide for matching countertops and cabinets.


You may know that you want white as your base color, but it helps if you start with defining what your kitchen style is going to be. Research different styles, and identify what you like, then you can determine what you want your countertop to look like. Some kitchens have a traditional appearance with flashes of color, while others rely on stark contrasts.


The color white encompasses a broad area of color, from warm creams to bright whites. Think about what color tone you want for your kitchen. After that, you can decide what type of counter color will match well. Granites, for example, come in such a huge range of tones—you can easily eliminate cool-toned granites if you want cream cabinets.

Light Countertops for Light Kitchens

If you want a room that feels bright from the moment you walk in, consider a light countertop to go with white cabinets. If the countertop material is granite or something similar, the eye will be drawn to the veins in the stone instead of stripes of color.

Dark Countertops for Contrast

On the other hand, choosing a dark countertop can create a stark contrast and make a bold statement. And black and white never go out of style. This is a popular trend in modern kitchens. Many interesting granites would work well with white cabinets, and soapstone provides a beautiful alternative.

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