Common Countertop Materials

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The countertop is the focal point of the kitchen and bathroom, and there are a ton of options on the market for high quality, beautiful countertops. Here are some of the common types of countertops you can find in our Design Centers.

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Granite countertops add beauty and value to a house, and through a composition of quartz, feldspar, and other minerals, you can find a huge variety of colors, swirls, patterns, and veins. Granite is heat and stain resistant, making it a durable choice for your home.


Marble is a beautiful stone that brings color and elegance to kitchens and baths. When properly sealed, marble is stain resistant, though, like granite, it is susceptible to etching from corrosive materials.


Onyx is a rare countertop stone that features deep veins and contrasting colors. It requires a bit of care and maintenance, but the result is a unique kitchen or bathroom that will make your house stand out from the crowd.


A variant of limestone, travertine comes in varying shades of tan, cream, brown, and even red. The stone is relatively absorbent, so it does require multiple coats of sealant.


Limestone bears a strong resemblance to marble, but often at a much lower cost. It does scratch easily, but the neutral colors pair nicely with stainless steel, a popular kitchen material.


Soapstone is naturally nonporous, making it unlikely to stain—plus, it is heat resistant and not affected by acids. Recommended (but not required) care is to treat the surface with mineral oil.


Depending on the slab, this stone can have subtle waves or dramatic, bold lines—either way, it brings a great aesthetic to the room.


For the truly unique, concetto includes semi-precious stones in its composition and comes in just about any color you can think of.


Neolith is an interesting and durable man-made product made from glass, porcelain, and quartz. It is heat resistant and virtually indestructible.


This is a green option made partially from recycled content. With the appearance of mosaic tiling, it’s a gorgeous and unique option.

Your Choice for Countertops

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