Color Combinations For Your Remodel

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From warm, rich hues to relaxing cool tones bathrooms can take on whatever personality you want. Here are some fresh color palettes that will transform your kitchen and bath remodels.

Make Your Friends Envious

Deep, rich greens are particularly hot right now, such as hunters and jades. They pair well with natural fibers and dark, muted fixtures. Earthy walls would look beautiful partnered with a ceramic tile floor for a Southwestern vibe.

Calming Blues

Cool blue tones create a calm, relaxing atmosphere that can make a bathroom feel like a spa. Find a blue hue that you like, and build a family of light and dark colors around it.

Modern and Feminine

For your remodel, mix a modern monochromatic black and white color scheme with pinks or yellows for a fresh, feminine look. These colors look particularly bright in spaces with a lot of natural light.

Subdued Energy

Orange may not be your first color choice, but oranges, particularly in autumn hues, contribute to an energizing mood while fostering feelings of warmth. Paired with neutral colored tiles or wood, your kitchen or bathroom will have a cozy yet elegant feel.


If you want to make a bright statement, combine bold black lines with coral. The result is a high-energy room that sings “fun”.

Charming Yellow

Yellows have a way of adding a sense of cheer to a room. Butter yellows are well suited for a country farmhouse style, while brighter hues make a bold statement. Both pair well with wood cabinetry.

Birch and Blue

Add red or bronze accents to birch cabinets and blue walls to create a beautiful contemporary look. For a more masculine look, exchange the birch for a darker brown.


custom kitchen islands

If you don’t want to commit a large space to color, go with a neutral palette and choose one color to act as an accent. Alternatively, you can turn a cabinet or a kitchen island into an opportunity to make a bold color statement.

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