Clever Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

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It is just so easy to bring things into the kitchen and just set them down on any available flat surface. But the next thing you know, your countertops are full of stuff. If you plan for it, everything has its place, and with a few creative organization hacks you can have everything stored exactly where it should be.

Window Space

We’re not talking about a window box. Instead, add a shelf above the window, which will become a great place to display your prettier plates and kitchen art. If you don’t want to display items, you could use that space differently and add cabinets above the window. You’ll have more space to store equipment while still letting the light in.

A Backsplash That Multitasks

Backsplashes are attractive little areas that pop with color and texture, but they are often underutilized. Adding a shelf to your backsplash will turn an unused space into a place with some function. A small shelf added to a sink backsplash, for example, can become a convenient place for sponges.

Hang it Up

With a little bit of forethought, you can save space in many different areas by simply hanging things up. Use rods and hooks to hang things like mugs and utensils. If you have attractive cookware, you can hang them from the wall as both décor and as a way to save space.

Store Countertop Items Attractively

It’s not practical to assume you can keep absolutely everything off of the countertops. Identify the things that you need to have on hand, like olive oil or utensils. Find a decorative cocktail tray or something similar, which will keep your items organized while still looking nice and uncluttered.

Storing Canned Goods

The classic lazy Susan is a great way to store canned goods and bottles in a cabinet, as you don’t have to dig through columns of food. Alternatively, you can actually use closet shelving inside a cabinet to better organize canned goods.

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