Choosing the Perfect Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

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They say that hardware is the jewelry of cabinets, and it’s the details that set one kitchen or bathroom apart from the next. There are hundreds of options to match your aesthetic—where do you start?

Pulls or Knobs?

There was a trend in kitchens years ago to use only knobs on drawers and doors, but this comes across as old-fashioned. Some people prefer to have pulls on drawers and knobs on cabinet doors. Pulls tend to be more comfortable than knobs, as you can grip with the entirety of your hand.

If you choose to use pulls, you’ll have to make the decision whether to go contemporary and install them all horizontally, or take a more traditional approach and have horizontal pulls on drawers and vertical pulls on doors.

custom cabinet pulls


Take a look at the design and lines of your cabinets and choose hardware that matches those lines. For example, if you have flatter, Shaker-style cabinets with square lines, you’ll want to pair with square hardware. Doors and drawers curved lines will want hardware to match.


There are a variety of finishes that can change the dynamic of your kitchen or bathroom. While many will choose chrome or brushed nickel, there are other options. Pewter, antique pewter, and aluminum are other silver/grey choices—bronze and antique brass offer unique coloring, and blacks and whites are always classic. For a different look and the opportunity to include some color, look for glass hardware.

Test the Hardware

Buying cabinet hardware is not an insignificant part of your budget, so you should make sure that the pulls or knobs are comfortable. Do your fingers feel cramped? Do you feel any uncomfortable ridges or bumps? Remember, if it’s uncomfortable once, think about going through that annoyance every day and find different hardware.


The cost will vary depending on the size, material, finish, and overall quality. No matter what you order, be sure to get a few extra in case the finish starts to wear off.

Cabinet Design Centers

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