Choosing the Perfect Showerhead

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It may not be something you think about daily, but finding the right shower head can make a huge difference in your showering routine. The vast majority of people shower at least once a day, every day. It should be more than just a ritual, it should be an enjoyable and eye-opening experience.

There are a variety of different shower heads out there, and finding the right one will depend on preference, budget, and what your shower can handle. If you’re thinking about getting a new shower head in your remodeled bathroom in Colorado, here are some ideas to consider.

Handheld Shower Head

These shower heads can detach from the wall and often have long hoses so that people can get to those hard to reach places. They can also make washing dogs or small children more convenient. There are models that come will different water settings, so you can enjoy a steady stream of water or massaging pulses.

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Rain Shower Head

These shower heads have become a trend recently, and the plan is for the head to mimic rainfall. They may not have as much pressure as a single shower head because they spread the same amount of water over a larger area, but the experience can be gentle and relaxing.

Dual Shower Heads

These shower heads can come attached to each other or separated by a distance. They can be controlled by one lever or two. This can be a nice feature if you want to shower with a partner or if you want water coming from two different heads to increase the relaxing shower experience.

Spa Shower Panels or Body Sprays

These features are placed in the shower to mimic a hydrotherapy spa treatment. It’s possible to add a variety of different sprays that hit your body from openings in the wall and ceiling of your shower. More often than not, they are installed in vertical rows on adjunct or opposite walls of the shower, so they offer a massaging quality when taking a shower.

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