Choosing a Kitchen Color Scheme

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Color can be a very personal choice, and when it comes to your kitchen remodel, choosing your color scheme can become an overwhelming choice. If you’re planning on moving in the near future, you may need to think a little differently than someone who is planning a long-term remodel. You don’t always need to go with an all-white kitchen, but there are some things to consider when you’re picking out your kitchen color scheme.

Are You Planning On Selling?

If your home is not going to be a long-term residence, then it’s important to keep things a little more neutral. And remember, neutral doesn’t mean you have to keep things dull, and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to keep things white on white. It does, however, mean that you should avoid installing turquoise cabinets or a mint green refrigerator. Accent colors are perfectly fine and add some personality to a neutral room, but unconventional colors in large quantities may be a hard sell for potential buyers.

Consider Your House

What is the overall style and color scheme of the rest of the house? Think about how your kitchen fits into the rest of your home and what the overall style of the house is. Is everything more contemporary, or do you have more of a country house feel?

Where to Add Color

There are different ways to add color to a kitchen, and it’s important to understand the different components. Large areas include cabinets, appliances, the sink, and the countertop. Countertops are interesting because they can be a source of bold color or subtle hues, depending on the material. You can also add color in the form of light fixtures (like pendant lights), cabinet hardware, and window textiles. If you’re someone who likes to change things up frequently, consider keeping the large areas neutral and the smaller areas colorful, and they are easier to change.

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