How to Choose a Toilet

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Talking toilets certainly isn’t a glamorous conversation, but it definitely important to think about when you’re doing a bathroom remodel. Your Colorado bathroom needs a lot of attention, as it’s a place where you spend a lot of time every day. And if you have a family, the bathroom suddenly becomes a bustling center of activity. Here are a few tips for choosing the right toilet for your bathroom.


One thing you want to look into is water efficiency. Things have come quite a long way over the past few decades to improve toilet efficiency and consume less water. Look for the High Efficiency Toilet (HET) label. HETs use up to 20% less water than conventional toilets.

Bowl Shape

There are two different bowl shapes to choose from, and sometimes the size of your bathroom will dictate what you get. A round bowl is a little more compact and is suitable for toilets in smaller bathrooms or in smaller spaces. There is also an elongated, oval bowl is considered to be a little more comfortable but also takes up a little more space.


There are quite a few add ons and specialty features that come with modern toilets. Some are self cleaning, while others have European features like a bidet. Other toilets are coated with anti-microbial glazes that discourage mold, mildew, and other unwanted bacteria.

Rim Height

Most toilets have a bowl rim height of 15 inches. If you’re older or have some mobility issues, a higher rim height might prove to be more comfortable. Look for toilets with a rim height of 16 inches or higher.

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Before you invest in a new toilet, you’ll need to determine how far the toilet sits from the wall. This is also called a rough-in. Most toilets have a 12-inch rough-in, but sometimes you will see 10-inch or 14-inch rough-ins.

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