Things To Know About Buying A New Toilet

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All jokes aside, a toilet is one of the primary things that you want to keep in mind if you are doing a full-scale bathroom remodel in Denver. This combines both having an aesthetic that will match the design that you have for the rest of the bathroom, as well as making sure it has some key functionality. There’s a lot of questions that you may not think about until the time comes, so here’s what you should keep in mind about a new toilet.

Key Toilet Questions

Bathroom RemodelOne interesting thing to talk about is whether or not you want to have a comfort-height toilet in your home. If you’re not aware of what this means, the typical toilet seat is generally less than 16” high. Most options you see in a store are going to be in the 14-15” range. Your average comfort-height toilet, though, is going to range from between 17-19” tall. In commercial settings, this is generally done to comply with disability standards, and serves much of the same role in your home. So, if you have anyone in your home who has trouble with their knees or is just extremely tall, it may be worth looking into one of these.

Another consideration is to go with an elongated bowl or not. The question here is really a matter of comfort versus space. In general, elongated bowls are more comfortable and are more popular, but tend to take up more space in the bathroom. If you’re really short on space, you may even want to look into a wall-hung toilet.

Beyond Your Toilet

A  toilet is an essential part of a bathroom remodel, but not the only part, so you want a contractor that can cover everything. Contact Niron Depot for all of your kitchen and bath remodeling needs. As far as remodeling contractors in the Denver area go, we’ve been serving the community for years, and always believe in giving the best service possible. Not only will we help you find the perfect elements for your home, but we have the expertise to make you feel at ease when planning a home project, no matter how big or small.