Bring Color to the Bathroom

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Sometimes a little goes a long way. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to consider the big things, like the tiles and the sink, but you’ll also want to consider décor and colors. Many bathrooms are on the small side, meaning color can sometimes become overpowering when applied too liberally. Here are a few ideas for adding splashes of color to your bathroom without going overboard.


The first place you can inject some color is on the wall. It’s not a big space, and the cabinets, shelves, and mirrors will break up the color enough so that it’s not overwhelming. You can take the opportunity to get bold here—you could even choose something dark and dramatic, like burgundy or other shade of red.


If you don’t want to paint but still want some color, try changing color schemes by changing up your towel choices. This is a particularly useful trick if your bathroom has accessible towel storage that’s visible to guests.

Under the Sink

So many bathrooms are built with a safe design—white on white. While that’s a perfectly fine choice, it’s also a little boring. Depending on the style of sink you have, you can add an unexpected spot of color by painting the underside of the sink. Choose a color that complements your linens or paint color. This is another place where you can get brave with color.


Another way you can add a splash of color to the bathroom is to choose a bright or funky shower curtain. Alternatively, you could choose a bold window treatment or a soft, textured rug to bring the room together.

Accent Tiles

If your bathroom has tile, try swapping out a few plain tiles for bright, colorful tiles that create an accent point. There are as many different tile designs out there as you can imagine, or you may find some unique hand painted tiles that you like. Also, you can find tiles made of interesting materials, like glass, that can create a different texture.

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