Best Colors for a Bathroom

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Choosing colors for your bathroom allows you to personalize this room and add a unique style. While the final color choice is totally your decision, there are some colors that work better in this room than others. Below are some suggestions of best colors for a bathroom, and you may consider talking to a professional at Niron Depot in Colorado for color ideas.


For some, this might seem like a boring color choice, but it has a clean feel to it. A white bathroom can make people feel refreshed, and the brightness will help wake them up. This color can also be paired with a variety of different colors and textures to make your bathroom look amazing.

Neutrals such as Taupe

Neutral colors make your bathroom feel warm and inviting. The color is subtle and will pair well with different accents that you can add with your towels, countertops in Aurora, or vanity.



Like neutrals, grays go well with a variety of different colors. These cool colors can be paired with blacks in towels or the vanity to add sophistication to a bathroom. Grays can also be paired with dark woods to make the room feel warm and inviting.


Blues can be bold and bright, but they can also be cool and traditional. There are so many different style options that come with adding blue to a bathroom, and the range of light to dark will fit any color palette and desire. Paired with other colors such as whites, neutrals, or grays, blues can really pop and make the bathroom an inviting and refreshing space.

Reds or Oranges

If you’re looking for colors that are definitely nontraditional for a bathroom, consider using reds or oranges. These bold colors will add cheer and excitement to your bathroom. For something totally different, consider pairing these colors with navy blues or teal for a color explosion that will show off your unique style.


Light greens used in bathrooms can be reminiscent of a spa experience. Darker greens can be used to make a bold statement and have the room stand out and be stylish. Your personal preference will determine which color is best for this often-used room in your home.

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