Planning Ahead for Bathrooms for Multiple People

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Everyone has different needs for their bathrooms and the same thing applies when it comes to talking about bathroom remodels. In some cases, people with large families and large bathrooms may want to take a closer look at the potential of customizing their bathrooms to meet the needs of several people at the same time, in hopes of putting an end to lines and arguments. Here are some possible ways to make that happen.

Your Options On Hand

bathroom remodelAs the same with any bathroom, you need to think a lot about your storage. A shared bathroom means you need to be able to incorporate not only enough storage for more than one person but enough to keep toiletries and electronics both separate and organized. A linen tower is also a good idea, as it can help keep enough towels on hand for everyone to use. Something equally as important is thinking about your lighting. If multiple people are going to be using a bathroom, you want to make sure lighting is even so everyone can groom. In some cases, separate mirrors over the sinks may be a good example of putting this into action.

Consider a double-sink vanity as well if it’s in your budget. For a lot of working couples, it may be to their benefit to try and avoid crowding over a sink by having two. If you do this, you’ll want a maximum of 30 inches between the centers of both basins so you can run them together with a single waste line.

Meeting Your Needs

If you’re tired of lines in the bathroom, then it’s probably a good idea to reach out for professional support for your remodel as soon as possible. Contact Niron Depot for all of your kitchen and bath remodeling needs. We are some of the most skilled and experienced remodeling contractors in the Denver area, serving the community for years