How to Get the Most Use Out of Bathroom Storage

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A common problem that many people run into with their bathrooms is that they do not have enough storage. This results in hair products and other toiletries ending up in disorganized piles underneath the sink or on top of counters. With these easy remodeling tips, you can transform your bathroom into an incredibly efficient storage center.

Use the Space Above the Toilet

In most bathrooms, there is a big empty wall above the toilet that everyone always seems to ignore. At most, there might be a picture or mirror there, but neither of those is helping with your storage needs. Instead, you can install some cabinets to match the style of your Nebraska home while also providing some much-needed storage.

Add More Hooks and Bars

Stacking items can take up a lot of room, especially when they are bulky or oddly shaped. That is why you should install more hooks and towel bars onto your bathroom walls. Not only are these great for holding towels, but they work well for other items as well.

Hang brushes, clothes, and whatever else you might want to keep up there. This will help free up as much storage space as possible in your cabinets and underneath the sink.

bathroom storageGo Under the Sink

Some bathrooms do not even come with the common cabinet under the sink. Instead, it is nothing but empty space underneath. This is a huge waste of potential storage that you could be using.

Get some shelving or a cabinet installed underneath your sink and take advantage of that otherwise wasted space.

Use Decorations As Storage

Some people like to put decorative bowls or other containers in their bathroom. While this can definitely make the room look more lively, it does not help with your storage needs. That is why you need to include some decorations that can also be used to keep some of your bathroom items tucked away. Large vibrant bowls and wicker baskets work quite well for this.

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