How a Bathroom Remodel Adds Value to Your Home

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Bathroom renovation projects are extremely popular. After all, it is a room you see every day. But remodelling your bathroom is also a fantastic investment – the investment you make often translates directly into the value of your home. In fact, it is estimated that about 75 percent of your bathroom renovation is recouped in your eventual resale value. Here are some ideas to make sure your bathroom renovation maximizes value while also creating a comfortable, luxurious new space for you and your family.

Double sink

Nothing adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom like a second sink. A second sink in your master bedroom ensuite is a classy addition that helps to save time in your busy morning. Also, it is a fairly easy install as the two sinks can share the existing plumbing. If you have space, it is a worthy investment.

Faucets and fixtures

Aging fixtures and leaking faucets are a big turnoff for potential homebuyers. And they aren’t particularly nice for you to have to deal with either! Brand new, properly sealed, faucets and fixtures can be just the accents your bathroom needs, adding a touch of class and noticeable quality.

Shower head

A shower head is a very simple investment, but can be a huge draw. A luxurious rain shower is well worth it, and today’s shower heads can come with all sorts of fantastic settings. It’s a little thing that can make a big difference in the way people see your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling


Custom cabinets in your bathroom can help to modernize the space while also adding a touch of practicality. An efficient design can help you to maximize the space you have with drawers and cupboards for everything you might need, even in a small room or an awkward corner.

Color and design

Choosing the color and design of your new bathroom is the cherry on top of your new bathroom. A color scheme that highlights your shiny new fixtures and luxurious new shower will help to bring the room together. Using neutral colors give you the flexibility to highlight accents like shower curtains, towels, countertops, and floors.

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