Best Bathroom Flooring Options for Senior Citizens

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As people get older, they become more vulnerable to slips and falls. This impacts the choice of flooring that should be used, especially in a location like a bathroom. Out of all the locations in your Arizona home, the kitchen and bath are the two areas where slips are most likely to occur. This is largely due to how often liquids get spilled in these two rooms. In order to protect the elderly from unfortunate falls, here’s a list of the best bathroom flooring options to use for senior citizens.


This flooring material is quite soft compared to most other options, so if a fall does happen, it is going to hurt far less with cork flooring. It also happens to be a heat-producing material, so stepping foot into the bathroom in the morning will not be a cold shock to your system like with many other materials.

However, if the cork is not properly sealed, it will start to absorb water at a very fast rate and ruin the material. So if you are going to have cork flooring in the bathroom, it is important that you have it properly sealed first.

bathroom flooringNon-Slip Vinyl

As suggested by the name, this material is designed to prevent slips from occurring. It is also incredibly durable and requires very little maintenance. If spills or rough materials like walkers touch the floor, it is very unlikely that any permanent damage will be done.

The most unfortunate part of non-slip vinyl flooring comes into play if a fall ever does occur. The material itself is not padded and therefore will not be able to diminish the impact of a fall. However, as long as the proper precautions are taken when in the bathroom, the non-slip material should prevent this from ever happening.

Having the proper flooring in your bathroom is an extremely important thing, especially when dealing with physically vulnerable groups of people like young children and senior citizens. If you need help picking out the perfect flooring for your bathroom, then contact the experts at Niron Depot today.