The Basics of Shower Faucets

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When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, one thing you can’t ignore is the shower. Shower faucets aren’t complicated, but there are quite a few options on the market. A shower faucet is made of two parts: a showerhead and a handle (or handles). Here’s what you need to know about shower faucets.


Typically, you’ll see either single-handled or two-handled shower faucets. A single handled faucet has only one moveable handle to control the temperature of the water. Some older showers have a two-handled system, which makes it a little harder to get to the right temperature, but it would make sense to keep your faucet consistent when you replace it.

Handles come in a few varieties:

  • Knobs – Knobs are rounded and sometimes harder to grip with wet hands but are usually textured enough to turn.
  • Levers – Levers are very precise, and once you figure out the right temperature for you, you’ll be able to turn to it quickly. Levers are easy to grip and easy to use, which is great for individuals with arthritis or have mobility issues.
  • Cross handles – Cross handles are shaped just like a cross and are easy to grip. These sometimes look more decorative.

Shower Heads

Showerheads are what actually expel water. There are many different styles, but some of the most popular are:

  • Single spray – A single spray is economical and comfortable, but not the most stylish.
  • Rain – This is a flat, wide showerhead that drops water from directly overhead.
  • Handheld – This style has a longer hose and is to be used by hand. This is great with pets, kids, and elderly individuals.

Custom-Made Bathroom


Some faucets are separate from the valve, which is the internal component that goes in the wall. Your contractor or plumber will know which valve is best for your home, either a pressure balancing valve or a thermostatic valve.

Additional Features

Sometimes you can get shower faucets that have a built-in scald protection. This can help you avoid sudden moments of hot or cold water.

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