Basic Cabinet Terminology

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Installing new cabinets is a big decision and not easy to change, which is why it’s important to understand the language of cabinetry. There are, surprisingly, many different ways to describe cabinets, and you have a lot of options when it comes to the details. Learn how to communicate like the pros do with this handy guide.

Types of Cabinets

The first distinction among cabinets is the base style. Essentially, these styles describe how much customization is available to you.

  • Stock – Stock cabinets are what you see in many showrooms. They are the least expensive option, in part because they are pre-built and ready for installation. You don’t get as many options with stock cabinets, but installation takes less time.
  • Semi-Custom – This style of cabinet is built to order. You get more options in terms of design, but it will take a few weeks for the cabinets to be built. As you might expect, semi-custom cabinets are a little more expensive than stock.
  • Custom – If you have odd-sized spaces to fill or you have a very particular look you’re going for, custom cabinetry might be the right option. The specifications are sent to the manufacturer and built to order. It’s expensive, but you get exactly what you want.


Cabinet hardware adds the functional details you need.

  • Hinge – Hinges can be visible or hidden and come in a variety of styles.
  • Knob – Knobs are one option for opening cabinets and a knob is a singular piece.
  • Pull – Another cabinet option, a pull is a vertical or horizontal handle.

Column Cabinet Pull


Drawers are some of the most useful parts to cabinetry, and not just for storing random things like paper clips and batteries. Here are a couple of terms you may hear:

  • Dovetail joint – At the corners of the drawers, the pieces connect via interlocking pins.
  • Drawer glide – This is the system by which the drawer opens and closes. There are options for ¾ and full drawers, and you may note other differences depending on the manufacturer.

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