Add Some Color to Your Bathroom

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If you’re remodeling your kitchen and bath, it makes sense to go with a neutral color scheme, especially if you have a rental property or you’re planning on selling your house soon. While neutrals are perfectly fine and look crisp and clean, you could be bold and choose to go with a splash of color in your bathroom, be it paint, cabinets, or tile. Here are some ideas for adding color to your bathroom.


We’re not saying you should necessarily have a red tile floor, but tile is a great way to add some personality and color to your bathroom. The shower can include accent tiles, or you can opt for an entire accent wall. Either way, thinking creatively about tiles is a great way to add color to your bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

Visions of Blue and Green

Two great colors for bathrooms are blues and greens. Probably not that groovy avocado green, though. Depending on the shade of blue, you could have a bright, airy room that’s reminiscent of the sea or sky, or you could have something more stately and bold. And if you want green, there are so many choices to choose from! In 2017, the color gurus at Pantone declared ‘Greenery’ the color of the year. Let’s face it, greens and blues are here to stay.

Dark Colors

Using bold, dark colors can be a great way to inject some contrast without sticking to the traditional black and white color scheme. Try a charcoal or even chocolate. When paired with light tiles or a white bathtub, your bathroom will pop, and may even be a little dramatic.

Change it Up

One way to add color to your bathroom without making any permanent changes is to add colorful towels and bath mats to the room. These can be easily changed if you’re in the mood to do so, and it’s much more affordable than retiling your bathroom when you’re in a colorful mood.

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