A Guide to Towels

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It may not be something you’ve given that much thought to, but it’s something you use regularly—towels. Towels work hard to clean up spills, dry us off, and even bring a touch of style and color to a room. We’ve put together a helpful guide to kitchen and bath towels.


Towels are measured by their GSM (grams per square meter). The GSM is a rating of fiber density of that specific towel. Towels with a lower GSM are thinner and less dense, making it a good option for beach trips and to stuff in your bag for the gym. A higher GSM indicates a thick, dense towel that is highly absorbent. If you want to towel off in luxury, choose higher GSM towels for your bathroom.

Ocean Collection Towel Ring


Most quality towels on the market are cotton towels, but the difference lies in what type of cotton it’s made from. Standard cotton towels are reasonably priced and readily available, but if you want luxury, Egyptian cotton is considered top-notch. There is also American-sourced cotton that’s also considered higher quality: Pima cotton. These towels are typically more expensive and also have longer loops, making them fluffier and more absorbent.

Alternative fibers are making there way onto the market. Bamboo fibers, for example, are very soft and loose, and they have the added benefit of being mildew resistant. Another fiber that is becoming more available is Modal, which is a fiber made from the cellulose of beech trees. It’s as absorbent as cotton and fade-resistant.

Beware of Synthetics

Some towels market themselves as having Egyptian or premium cotton, but there are some that contain synthetics. The towels have a shinier look, but the synthetic fibers can restrict absorbency.

Decorate with Towels

Towels are a great opportunity to inject your style into a room, and it allows you to changes your style at a moment’s notice. Combine colors and patterns for a dynamic look.

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