A Guide to Granite Countertops

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The kitchen is a focal point in your home and a place full of family activity. You spend time there every day—it should reflect your personality, and the countertops are a major element to that. Granite countertops are trendy, but there’s a lot more to them. Here’s a quick guide to granite countertops before you start your kitchen remodel.

What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock composed mostly of quartz and feldspar. A variety of other minerals are part of this composition, creating different colors and patterns. There are so many variations in the natural stone that each slab of granite is as unique as a fingerprint.


Granite countertops add value to your kitchen and home. Granite is durable, resisting scratching and scorching. Plus, when properly sealed, it’s stain resistant and maintains its color over time. Each piece of granite is unique, giving your kitchen an individual look, and the variety in mineral composition creates a stunning array of patterns.

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Granite can come in the form of slabs and tiles. Slabs are large pieces and, depending on the size of your countertops, can be set as a single piece. Granite tiles are less expensive than slabs but require a bit more maintenance. However, they are easier to work within irregular spaces.


There are three common types of finishes you’ll see for granite countertops.

  • Polished – Polished granite has a sleek shine that allows the natural stonework in the granite to sparkle. The polished finish is also practical—it’s the least porous finish and thus easiest to clean. However, the bright finish also accentuates crumbs and fingerprints.
  • Honed – Granite with a honed finish feels smooth but isn’t as reflective as the polished finish. The colors in the granite don’t pop as much, but the surface does hide imperfections and crumbs easily.
  • Leather – As the name suggests, this finish has the unique look and feel of leather. The surface lets the colors of the granite come through while still hiding fingerprints. If your kitchen already has a lot of reflective surfaces, a rougher finish can balance the space.

Granite Design Centers

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