A Guide to Bath Hardware Finishes

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When you’re working on a remodel in your Colorado home, one of the final details you need to decide on is the hardware—more specifically, the finishing on the hardware. It’s the little details that make a room feel complete, and a poor choice can stick out like a sore thumb. We’ve put together a quick guide to different hardware finishes you’ll find while you’re planning your bathroom remodel.

Buy Uniformly

While most finishes are standard across the industry, there may be some slight variation between brands. When you buy your hardware, buy everything you need from the same company to ensure a uniform appearance.

Polished Brass

If you are looking for a hardware finish that is vibrant and eye-catching, you’ve found the right one. Polished finishes are by nature very shiny and reflective. The yellow brass coloring produces spots of gold that shine in the bathroom. If you want a more muted effect, maybe find another finish.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

This finish looks very traditional and has an antique-looking result. This can suit many different bathroom styles, but it is on the more expensive end of the price spectrum.

Brushed Nickel

Brushed finishes have more texture and have more of a matte finish. The tone is understated and fits in nicely with many different colors and bathroom styles. Brushed nickel is a particularly classic combination and is likely to stand the test of time.


Go with white if you want something bright and clean. White hides fingerprints and water stains and can be at home in a modern bathroom or a more traditional farmhouse style.

Matte Black

Alternatively, you could go with black fixtures. They are decidedly modern and hide fingerprints easily.


A chrome finish is classic and goes with just about everything. It’s inexpensive, and the polished finish creates a bright spot in the bathroom. The downsides are that it’s pretty commonplace, and it shows fingerprints and water stains pretty easily.

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