Next-Level Bathroom Upgrades

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On The Niron Depot blog, we’ve talked ad nauseum about how to renovate your bathroom for cheap, or to upgrade your bathroom for maximum resale value. But what if you’re not looking to sell your home? What if price doesn’t matter when it comes to your bathroom?

In this blog, Aurora’s kitchen and bath experts will give you some fancy, next-level bathroom ideas to make your bathroom as luxurious as your are. It might be expensive to put into place, but won’t it be worth it if you enjoy every single part of your bathroom?

Choose a big tub (or shower).

Remember the days in your old studio apartment when you couldn’t even fit half of yourself in your bathtub? Those days are over. It’s time to find a bathtub that’s long enough for your legs and deep enough for your shoulders. But your bathtub desires shouldn’t stop there. You need a comfortable jacuzzi seat, powerful jets, built-in mood lights, and temperature controls that make bathtime a true treat.

Not a bathtub kind of person? Opt for a spacious tiled shower with a ceiling-mounted rainfall showerhead (or showerheads), a beautiful natural stone backdrop, and an instant hot water heater so you never have to wait for the heat (or get kicked out of the shower by icy water).

Add some windows.

Windows are a polarizing topic in the world of bathroom design—simply put, it’s a battle between natural light and privacy. Fortunately, there are compromises that can give you the best of both worlds, like a series of windows at ceiling level, or windows with adjustable blinds.

If you’re asking for our opinion, we’re definitely pro-window when it comes to the bathroom world. Bathroom windows will reduce the risk of mold, take care of unwanted bathroom smells, and give you precious natural light that will make your bathroom feel larger and more inviting. If you have beautiful and secluded scenery outside of your bathroom, opt for a big bay window by the bathtub to soak in the views. If that’s not an option, choose a skylight or two to let in natural light with sacrificing wall space or privacy.

Buy beautiful bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom cabinets don’t just add aesthetic value to your bathroom—they’re critical for proper organization and storage of all of your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and beauty products. A lack of storage in your bathroom can be a huge inconvenience, leaving your bathroom counters cluttered—so make sure you have enough cabinets (and the right kind of cabinets) for everything you wish to carry in your bathroom space.

Deep cabinets might be great for the kitchen, but they can make it difficult to find bathroom items, and make it tough to reach items for shorter folks in your home. Pull-out cabinet drawers are an excellent solution this problem, providing you with sliding shelves that keep all of your shampoo bottles and jars of a cotton balls neat, organized, and within reach.

In terms of cabinet choice, Niron Depot offers the best cabinet materials and finishes from the best brands. Choose a classic cherry wood for strength and luster, or opt for a lighter birch to keep things bright and modern. Whatever your style or your budget, check out the Niron Depot Aurora & Englewood Design Centers to find the perfect cabinets for your space!

Spend, spend, spend on countertops.

Countertops take a beating in your bathroom—they must handle everything your bathroom throws at them while staying beautiful for years to come. Laminate countertops won’t cut it in this space, and neither will butcher block or cheap granite. You need high-end countertops for a high-end bathroom, so find some unique cuts of luxurious materials that will look great and stand the test of time.

Marble is a classic bathroom choice—its natural luster and association with “the finer things” will instantly add luxury to your space, although it does take a bit more maintenance than other countertop materials. Quartz takes less maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes—it’s a great mix of durability, beauty, and luxury in your bathroom. Finally, you can’t go wrong with high-end slabs of granite. The beautiful organic patterns, endless color choices and solid structure make this a favorite for bathrooms of all sizes and all budgets.

Find the perfect fixtures.

Knobs, handles, and faucets are the tiny details that add character and dimension to your bathroom’s overall look—and they provide a lot of luxury and unity as well. Whether it’s gold, silver, brass, iron, chrome, or rose gold (an increasingly trendy bathroom option), try to match your fixture finishes across the board in your bathroom. This will make your bathroom feel more stylistically unified, and ensure that your fixture shopping is easy and painless.

Light it up.

Lighting is where you can add a ton of personality to your bathroom for a reasonable price—you can buy new or used, find flea market lights for an eclectic look, or use can lights for simple and clean lines across the board.

In terms of luxury, it isn’t as much about what lights you buy as much as it’s about how you light your bathroom. Lights with dimmers can make things moody and extravagant, and strategically placed lights near your mirror and in your shower and paint your bathroom in a way that wow you every day. Whatever you choose, make sure to fully light the areas you use the most so your bathroom is a practical as it is beautiful.

Find all the bathroom supplies you need at Niron Depot!

For bathroom cabinets, counters, fixtures, and accessories, you need Niron Depot. Stop by our Aurora & Englewood Design Centers for all of your bathroom needs, and let our expert staff members help you find luxury items that will add a bit of extravagance to your bathroom space. Get started with Niron Depot today!