Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovation

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At Niron Depot in Aurora, we understand that living with an old, dirty bathroom can be draining. All of the the running toilets, dripping faucets, dated tiles, and unsightly stains can take a toll on your treasured toilet time. But with a few updates, you can add incredible value and functionality to one of the most high-traffic areas of the home. Here are a few signs that your bathroom needs an immediate upgrade.

Your bathroom always has a strange odor to it.

Mysterious bathroom odors are almost always a sign of a growing problem. Numerous types of mold, bacteria, and fungus thrive in the dark, moist areas of your bathroom, which can exacerbate allergies and other respiratory health conditions. Plus, a smelly bathroom is unwelcoming to house guests, and an inconvenience to those who use your bathroom most. If smells persist about thorough bathroom cleaning sessions, it’s probably time to freshen things up a bit.

Your bathroom is always cluttered and poorly organized.

If your bathroom is often cluttered, unorganized, or messy, there’s a chance you don’t have the proper storage you need to succeed. Having new cabinets installed can add value to your bathroom space, and keep all of your toiletries organized and tucked away—so your bathroom’s true style isn’t weighed down by all the clutter.

Repairing all that’s broken in your bathroom could be costly and inefficient.

Run-down bathroom appliances from the ‘60s and ‘70s can be costly to repair, and are often flushing your hard-earned money down the proverbial toilet in the form of higher water bills. Installing a water-efficient toilet, low-flow showerhead is a cost-effective way to freshen up the look of your bathroom, and improve its eco-friendliness as well.

Not even napalm could remove your bathroom stains.

There comes a time with every bathroom when your pristine, white toilet turns a permanent off-white, leaving an impermeable stain on your bathroom and your psyche. If this describes your bathroom, it might be time to save your elbow grease and valuable time for the kitchen, and update some of your bathroom fixtures. Dingy, stained bathroom appliances, counters, and hardware can be germ-friendly and detrimental to your home’s value, so the sooner you make updates, the better.  

It’s just… ugly.

Not a day goes by without a trip to the bathroom. That’s why you should enjoy the function and the look of your bathroom—not just tolerate it. New cabinets, flooring, and hardware is a great place to start on your way to increased savings, better functionality, and overall bathroom bliss.

That’s where Niron Depot can help. As the Aurora experts for kitchen, bathroom, and cabinetry supplies and hardware, Niron Depot is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, tailored home solutions, and the highest quality installation process—on a budget that works for you. Stop by our Aurora & Englewood Design Centers, or contact us today!