5 Ways to Improve the Functionality of Your Kitchen

 In Countertops Aurora

An outdated kitchen can suck the life, and the value, from your home. Here are a few ways to upgrade your kitchen for better functionality and resell price.

Add an island.

Every inch of kitchen counter space is worth its weight in gold, as far as your home’s value is concerned—so if you have an eat-in kitchen with a wealth of floor space, an island could be a valuable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Islands add a great deal of food prepping space to your kitchen, as well as extra cabinet space for all of your kitchen gadgets. Plus, many islands with extended, overhang counters can double as a kitchen table—which will make your kitchen just as useful for entertaining as it is for cooking.

Upgrade your kitchen floor.

An old, dingy kitchen floor takes a lot of time to clean, and can harbor years worth of bacteria in its cracks and crevices. A new kitchen floor is an investment that lasts for decades, and adds immediate value to your home. Spend a little extra on something durable and stain resistant to keep your floors looking great for years come.

Increase your storage space.

When it comes to kitchens, there’s no such thing as too much storage. This means that new cabinets could be a great place to start to add value and functionality to your kitchen. Swapping your cabinets for slightly deeper models could add much-needed storage space without eating up too much of your collective kitchen space, and the fresh, updated look will bring some of the “wow” factor to the most valuable room in your home.

Bring new appliances into the mix.

If your kitchen appliances have spent decades transitioning from pearly white to a dingy yellow, it’s time to pick up some new stainless steel appliances for your kitchen. However, it’s not just the look of your new appliances that will improve your kitchen.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a new Energy-Star certified refrigerator uses 40 percent less energy than refrigerators built in 2001. The newer the appliances, the more efficient they will be, and the more money you’ll save on your energy bill. Pick up some new appliances, and watch them pay for themselves.

Shed some light on the situation.

The kitchen should be the most bright and energizing place in the home. But if you feel like your kitchen is dark and uninviting, new lighting fixtures are in order. Lights that use energy-efficient bulbs are a cost-effective choice, and are generally brighter than lights with classic, incandescent bulbs. Lighting is a great way to to add some personality and individuality to your kitchen as well, so the more unique the fixture, the more impact it will have.

Bring home the hardware.

A rusty kitchen sink faucet and sprayer can leave your dishes dirty and your kitchen unsatisfying. For a better kitchen experience, whip out the big guns, and invest in a larger, more versatile retractable faucet and sprayer. The new technology will make dishwashing a breeze, and the new hardware in your kitchen will drastically upgrade your look for a modest price.

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